How safe is your child from Bullying?

Sadly bullying is more prevalent than you may think. The Australian Covert Bullying Prevalence Study reported that 1 in 4 students reported being bullied every few weeks or more, with the highest prevalence rates being reported by children in Year 5.*  And it’s not just bullying in the schoolyard, with the increased use of technology, cyberbullying can be a constant and relentless attack on your child.

Cyberbullying involves using technology such as mobile phones and the Internet to bully or harass another person. In Australia, 10-20% of children and young people have been cyberbullied.**

While some acts are clearly bullying – like a child regularly, wilfully, and intentionally physically hurting another child - other acts are not as easy to recognise as bullying.  As a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your children from bullies so they never have to experience that horrible feeling of being picked on, laughed at, excluded or physically harmed.

But do you know how to recognise the signs that your child is being bullied?

And if your child was being bullied would you know what to do?

From current research available, we know that bullying can have detrimental physical and psychological effects on a child and can result in isolation, depression and even suicide.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now with Dr Rosina, Australia’s leading parenting expert, you can learn:

  • How to spot the signs of bullying
  • What bullying is and what it isn’t
  • The prevalence of bullying and the harm it can cause
  • Why your child might not tell you they’re being bullied or that they are a bully
  • Practical approaches for you as a parent to help your child overcome bullying
  • Empowering your child with life skills so they become “bully-proof”

For only US$9.95 you have access to Dr Rosina’s Video Tutorial on Bullying.  You will learn practical ideas and solutions that are proven to work, and will benefit both you and your child.

This 45 minute video will equip you as a parent to better support and help protect your child from the effects of bullying.

Dr Rosina is Australia’s leading parenting expert. Published author on parenting, media personality and corporate parenting educator, Dr Rosina trains parents in the world’s leading corporations such as Google, Lendlease, HSBC and many more..

If you would like to learn how you can help your child develop the skills they need to be bully-proof then this video is for you.

If you don’t feel like you learned valuable, practical tips to help and support your child, you will be eligible for a full refund.

Dr Rosina’s knowledge of the latest research into bullying shows there is a lot that can be done to overcome and to prevent bullying. This video is all about providing you with practical ideas and solutions that can work for you and for your child.

Using Dr Rosina’s practical Win Win Parenting approach, you’ll get the support and help you need to raise well-rounded and capable kids from toddlers to teens with practical tips, great resources and support. The more you learn about effective parenting, the more confident you’ll be so you can raise your children in a calm and loving way.

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*(Cross et al., 2009 in a sample of 20,832 Australian students aged between 8 and 14 years)

**(Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety, 2011).