Supporting your child's self-esteem

Do your children have good self-esteem or are you worried that they have low self-esteem? And what about you? How is your self-esteem? 
It is no surprise that adults and children who have healthy self-esteem feel good about who they are, believe in themselves and are therefore more likely to have a positive attitude to life and life success. People with good self-esteem tend to try new things and so they have a wider variety of life experiences and lead richer and more fulfilling lives. This makes perfect sense right?

So what steps are you taking to support your children’s self-esteem? And, could you unknowingly be harming your child’s self-esteem with comments like:

•    “What’s the matter with you? 
•    “How any times do I have to tell you the same thing?”
•    “Why can your brother/ sister / friend follow instructions but you can’t?”
•    “Will you ever learn?”
•    “I don’t have time for you now! Can’t  you see I’m busy?”

Parenting can be frustrating and even exhausting at times and sometimes we say things we don’t really mean that can harm our childs’ sense of worth and value. Recently a parent confided in me that she was horrified to hear herself say to her daughter “why couldn’t I have a normal child?” when she wouldn’t listen. Perhaps you can relate to this mothers frustration and angst as we’ve all said things we don’t mean in the heat of the moment. … So how can you, as a caring parent, make sure you have a positive and not a negative effect on your child’s sense of self-worth and not harm their self-esteem? 
In this video, Dr Rosina provides parents with the practical tips they can use every day to support their child’s self-esteem. As a loving and caring parent, could you do with some help? Then watch this video where Dr Rosina explains how you can support your child to have a healthy sense of self, navigate the ups and downs of life successfully and do great things in the world!

For only US$9.95 this 45 minute video will give you access to Dr Rosina’s Video Tutorial on self esteem.  You will learn practical ideas and solutions that are proven to work, and will benefit both you and your child.

Dr Rosina is a leading parenting expert. Published author on parenting, media personality and corporate parenting educator, Dr Rosina trains parents in the world’s leading corporations such as Google, Lendlease, HSBC and many more..

In this video you’ll learn:
•    What self-esteem actually is.
•    The important difference between self-esteem and self-confidence and why you need to understand the distinction to effectively support your child’s self-esteem.
•    How healthy self-esteem is important for your child’s physical and psychological wellbeing.
•    What harms self-esteem, so you can avoid harming your child’s sense of worth and 


How you can support your child to develop healthy self-esteem and give them a strong foundation for life success.

The more you learn about effective parenting, the more confident you’ll be with the practical tools you need to help you raise your children in a calmer and more loving way. If you feel like all you do is yell and fight with the kids which makes things even more out of control, then imagine how good you’ll feel when you’re able to respond rather than react and to teach your kids the life skills they need for life success. Dr Rosina’s approach to parenting is all about helping you to connect with your children so you can teach them how to be in the world and create more loving relationships and a peaceful home. 

That’s why Win Win Parenting is a Win for parents and a Win for kids.