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Helping your children be capable, proactive problem-solvers in life

When you think about it, every day we encounter personal and professional challenges that require us to solve problems. It’s the same for our children who need to overcome issues that arise at school, at home and at play. As a parent you can support your child to learn effective problem-solving skills so they don’t feel helpless and so you know that they can navigate the world safely when you’re not there to guide them. This is especially important when your children become teenagers as the challenges they face can have far reaching negative consequences. 

You’ll feel more confident as a parent when you can support your child to develop the skills to overcome life’s challenges. In this webinar you’ll learn: 

What problem-solving is. 
Why problem-solving is a crucial skill for your child’s life success. 
Learn Dr Rosina’s simple 2-step process for problem-solving. 
Understand ways to teach your children effective problem-solving strategies.