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S.E.E. Parenting - Online Parenting program

How well do you handle your children’s

emotional outbursts  -  fussy eating  -   challenging behaviour-  bullying  -  self esteem issues

 -  anxiety  - non communication  -  disrespectfulness

Would you like to learn the skills to manage these situations as well as preparing your child for the many challenges life will throw at them?

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Parenting without the downward spiral of Discipline and Punishment

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Program includes: 


Introduction, provides you with an overview of the program; a list of aims and outcomes; strategies for how to get the most out of the program and sets out the terms and conditions for the S.E.E. Parenting Program

  • Welcome - Video
  • Getting the most out of the program - Video
  • Getting the most out of the program - Reading
  • Maximise your learning when watching videos - Workbook
  • Terms and Conditions - Reading

Fundamentals - Your Vision for Parenthood and Personal Best Parenting

Fundamentals, inspires you to create your vision for parenthood by becoming clear about the kind of parent you want to be and identifying the dreams you have for your children. Your vision is your impetus to be your personal best as a parent.

  • Personal best parenting Part I - Video
  • Vision for Parenthood - Video
  • Vision for Parenthood - Workbook
  • Harms of Harsh Parenting - Video
  • Parenting 101 - Reading
  • Vision for Parenthood - Audio Meditation

Fundamentals - S.E.E Parenting

Fundamentals of S.E.E Parenting provides you with the foundations for a new way to parent. Instead of reacting to challenges using discipline, punishment and rewards the S.E.E approach allows you to respond by Stopping, Empathising and Educating your child.

  • S.E.E Parenting Part I - Video
  • S.E.E Parenting Part II - Video
  • S.E.E Parenting Part III - Video
  • S.E.E Parenting in Action - Reading
  • S.E.E Parenting in Action - Audio Meditation

Fundamentals - Taking Care of Yourself and Overview of the Life Skills Steps

Fundamentals, highlights the importance of taking care of yourself so you can be your Personal Best as a parent. 

  • Personal Best Parenting Part II - Video
  • Don't fall into the parenting trap - Audio
  • Taking care of yourself - Audio Meditation
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Research based parenting techniques and information

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S.E.E. Parenting

The Win Win Parenting program provides parents with an effective step-by-step practical approach to managing day-to-day parenting challenges without requiring discipline, punishment and rewards. Teaching children life skills to become successful, cooperative and caring members of your family and society.

Become a better parent! This course provides a step-by-step practical approach supporting parents to manage day-to-day parenting without the need for discipline and punishment or bribery and rewards.

Research shows that having parenting knowledge and skills results in better outcomes for the whole family.

Benefits include:

  • less yelling, reduced conflict and decreased stress at home
  • children learn essential life skills and are more likely to have healthy self-esteem and most importantly...
  • parents develop loving bonds and create happy memories with their children.

So its a Win Win: good for parents and good for children

With over 12 hours of content, this program has all you need to handle stressful parenting situations and is helpful for parents with children from toddler to young teenager. You'll feel more confident, but most importantly, this program combines the Heart and the Science of parenting being based on the latest research into parenting and child development to help you build a life long relationship with your child.

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"I feel like you have just thrown me a life jacket that I can actually use."

"Practical tools and tips to implement immediately."

"I believe it will change my family life."



Build a long lasting relationship with your child

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