Avoiding the pitfalls of parenting by "what others will think"

Do you remember being really annoyed when your parents exclaimed “Stop that now! What will the neighbours think!” 

While we may not have liked it as children, the reality is as parents we’ve all probably said something similar when we've focus more on what "others will think" than what’s really needed in that moment. 

However, parenting with a focus on:

  • saving face with family, friends and strangers, or

  • trying to do what we think others will find acceptable, or

  • focusing on appearing to be in control at all costs, or

  • worrying about how our actions or our child’s actions reflect on us as parents,

 are not effective ways to raise happy, well-balanced and confident children.

 In this webinar, parenting expert  Dr Rosina McAlpine will explore:

  • The pitfalls for you and for your child of parenting by “what others will think”.

  • Understanding parenting as ongoing learning, continuous improvement and increasing confidence.

  • The many benefits of focusing on your child's needs when raising children.

  • How to parent effectively in challenging moments.

  • Questions

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