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Do you need help to overcome workplace bullying or school bullying?

This podcast is real and raw. Dr Rosina tears up as Jessica shares her personal story of being bullied over many years and is inspired by her courage and passion to help others.

Jessica Hickman is the founder of Bullyology and author of ‘The Bullyologist: Breaking the Silence on Bullying’. After suffering extensive workplace bullying herself, Jessica Hickman turned a negative situation into a positive learning and now dedicates her work to preventing bullying in workplaces, online and schools.

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Excessive screen use can cause physical, social and psychological harms to your children

Whether it is a phone, tablet, TV or computer - technology is part of most adults’ everyday life. And it is not uncommon for a parent to pass a phone or tablet to a child to keep her amused so they can finish a task. The question is “when can technology safely be part of our children’s lives”?

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True or false ? If my children don’t access technology they’ll fall behind.

Do you believe that limiting your child’s access to technology might put them behind other children who access technology regularly? If so what are you basing this on – a feeling or evidence? Have you come across research studies that have shown that children who have restricted access to technology have physical, social or psychological delays?  No? Nor have I. 

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Are you en-joying your children?

I’ve heard so many parents say “raising children is one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs in the world”. The rewarding part is the love and the joy that children bring into our lives – even before they are here.

I remember the excitement I felt when Colin and I talked about starting a family. Four months later I could hardly contain my joy when I found out we were pregnant. After repeating the home pregnancy test three times, yes, three times – just to be sure – I ran to Colin to share the great news and boy did we feel the joy!

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Are you screaming at the kids?

5 ways to help keep the peace

Are you sick of screaming at the kids? Here are some strategies to create more peace at home.

1. Calm starts with you…
Mum’s often feel guilty about taking time out for themselves, but if you’re tired and stressed then any little thing can set you off! So, now you can have guilt-free time to yourself and know you’re supporting peace for the whole family.

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