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Your parenting approach can impact whether your child is more likely to be bullied.

As a parent you’re a powerful role-model for your child and your parenting approach can have a significant impact on your child’s self-esteem, resilience and resourcefulness. In fact you might be surprised to know that your parenting approach can have a positive or a negative impact on whether your child is more likely to be bullied or not.

In a large 2013 review study which included a sample of 208,000 children ages 4-25 from research studies conducted 1970-2012, they found that children are more likely to bully or be bullied if they have harsh parents who role model anti-social behaviour and where there are low levels of communication between parents & children with minimal parental supervision. SOURCE: Lereya, Muntha and Wolke (2013) Parenting Behaviour and the risk of becoming a victim and a bully/victim: A meta-analysis study.

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What would you do if you found out your child was being bullied?

Were you bullied as a child? If so, then you know how frightening it can be. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your children from bullies so they never have to experience that horrible feeling of being picked on, laughed at, excluded or physically harmed.

If you found out that child is being bullied, would you know what to do?

If you’re like most parents you’d probably say one or more of the following things to your child:

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Children who are being bullied often don’t tell their parents

The research on bullying highlights the need for parents to be vigilant when it comes to their children and bullying as many children do not tell their parents they’re being bullied.

As a loving parent you might be thinking. Why wouldn’t my child tell me?” (64% of bullied children do not report it)*

There are many reasons children don’t tell their parents including:

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Do you know the difference between bullying and playful fun?

The news is filled with stories on bullying in schools, bullying in the workplace and with the increased use of technology, cyber bullying can be a constant, never-ending and relentless attack on your child. While some acts are clearly bullying – like a child regularly, willfully, and intentionally physically hurting another child - other acts are not as easy to recognise as bullying.

Do you know the difference between bullying and kids just having some harmless fun together? As a loving parent it’s important for to know the distinction so you can help your child navigate life’s challenges. Children need to be able to protect themselves from bullies and also be able to manage light-hearted play without it causing them to feel overwhelmed by hurt or stress.

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Developing your Child's self esteem and self confidence.

One of the key life skill areas of the Win Win Parenting program is "Personal Power". The aim is to empower parents with the knowledge and skills to help their children develop their personal power, become resilient and fly through life. Personal power is not about physical strength, it’s about your child’s inner strength, their psychological strength.  Personal power is not about overpowering others, it’s about helping a child feel good inside and secure about who they are so they don’t feel the need to overpower or be like anyone else. In this sense, every parent wants their child to feel good about themselves, value their own uniqueness and have personal power, right?

So what exactly is Personal Power? What does it mean to have Personal Power? Today's blog is all about understanding three fundamental aspects of Personal Power: self esteem, self confidence and self efficacy and how this can help you to raise psychologically and physically healthy children.

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How your praise and criticisms can harm your child’s self-esteem.

Are you the kind of parent who is a fabulous cheerleader for your child? Are you the first one to say:

  • “You’re amazing”
  • “What a great job you did” (regardless of whether they did or didn’t!) 
  • “You are the best/smartest/most sporty/talented kid ever”
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