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Does your child know the benefits and the harms of technology?

We all know what it can be like when our child has an emotional meltdown – and it can happen over the littlest thing – like the toast being cut the wrong way!  What about the supermarket meltdown when you say “no” to the junk food or latest toy! OR when you ask the kids to come off the technology!

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Excessive screen use can cause physical, social and psychological harms to your children

Whether it is a phone, tablet, TV or computer - technology is part of most adults’ everyday life. And it is not uncommon for a parent to pass a phone or tablet to a child to keep her amused so they can finish a task. The question is “when can technology safely be part of our children’s lives”?

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True or false ? If my children don’t access technology they’ll fall behind.

Do you believe that limiting your child’s access to technology might put them behind other children who access technology regularly? If so what are you basing this on – a feeling or evidence? Have you come across research studies that have shown that children who have restricted access to technology have physical, social or psychological delays?  No? Nor have I. 

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Do you know the recommended guidelines for children’s safe use of technology?

Many parents struggle to get their children off technology and feel unsure about how much time on technology is good for their kids. Many parents have the feeling that their kids spend too much time but don’t know how many hours their kids actually spend on technology and the recommended guidelines for safe use.

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How your praise and criticisms can harm your child’s self-esteem.

Are you the kind of parent who is a fabulous cheerleader for your child? Are you the first one to say:

  • “You’re amazing”
  • “What a great job you did” (regardless of whether they did or didn’t!) 
  • “You are the best/smartest/most sporty/talented kid ever”
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Did you know? If you scream at your kids, they’re more likely to scream at you and others. Calmer parent, calmer child.

As a parent you’re a powerful role-model for your child. Babies are born with millions of ‘mirror’ neurons so they can mirror and mimic what they see and hear in the world. Perhaps you’ve cringed when you’ve accidently used an inappropriate word in front of your child and they’ve repeated it back to you or in front of others. Embarrassing right? 

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Shaping your teens good eating habits and healthy attitude to food

Teens and body image

With all of the issues around body image and peer pressure to eat certain things, to look a certain way – it’s hard for teens to know what a healthy diet looks like and of course we want to help them develop great habits to hold them in good stead for life!

Many parents worry about how they’re going to save their teen/pre-teen from a lifelong struggle with being obsessed with their weight and instead learn to focus on health. As a parent you can make a huge different by creating good foundations for life-long health

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Healthy eating for parents: being a good role model for your family.

I’m excited to share our first interview in our 4 part series on FOOD and your family: how to develop a stress-free, healthy and balanced lifestyle for everyone from toddler to teen.

As a parent, you want to live a long and happy life so you can watch your kids grow to become healthy and happy adults and have their own families. All parents want to be good role models for their children BUT many parents have grown up NOT having a healthy relationship with food themselves.

Does any of this this sound familiar to you? 

  • “I can’t have chips, chocolate biscuits, ice-cream in the house, because I’ll eat the lot”, OR
  • “I know that sugar, carbs, deep fried foods are Bad and only fresh organic veges are good BUT I always go for the bad stuff…especially when I’m upset”. OR
  • Are you on the never ending cycle of diet, lose weight look and feel good… increase weight then diet again? Or
  • Do you start all kinds of different diets looking for the magic one and give up after a few days and feel like a failure?
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