Your parenting approach can impact whether your child is more likely to be bullied.

As a parent you’re a powerful role-model for your child and your parenting approach can have a significant impact on your child’s self-esteem, resilience and resourcefulness. In fact you might be surprised to know that your parenting approach can have a positive or a negative impact on whether your child is more likely to be bullied or not.

In a large 2013 review study which included a sample of 208,000 children ages 4-25 from research studies conducted 1970-2012, they found that children are more likely to bully or be bullied if they have harsh parents who role model anti-social behaviour and where there are low levels of communication between parents & children with minimal parental supervision. SOURCE: Lereya, Muntha and Wolke (2013) Parenting Behaviour and the risk of becoming a victim and a bully/victim: A meta-analysis study.

This same study reported that children are less likely to bully or be bullied if they grow up in an environment where there is open communication between parents and children, there is a warm and affectionate relationship between family members and there is caring parental involvement, support & supervision.

As a parent, you can play a supportive role in helping your children overcome and prevent bullying. If you would like to learn more about how you can create a home environment that helps protect your child from being bullied or becoming a bully, then watch Dr Rosina's Video: How to Bully Proof your Child. In this video.

Parenting expert, Dr Rosina, provides parents with practical ideas and solutions that can work for you and for your child. You’ll learn:

  • What bullying is and what it isn’t.
  • The prevalence of bullying and its many harms.
  • Why your child might not tell you they’re being bullied or that they are a bully.
  • Practical approaches for parents to help their children overcome bullying.
  • Empowering your child with life skills so they become “bully-proof”.

Dr Rosina’s approach to parenting is all about helping you to connect with your children so you can teach them how to be in the world and create more loving relationships and a peaceful home. We know from the research that this can help protect your child from being bullied or becoming a bully. That’s why parenting in a calm and loving way and teaching your children life skills so they can navigate the world safely and successfully is a Win for parents and a Win for kids.