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Personal Best Parenting

Every parent wants to raise happy, healthy and well-balanced kids. BUT, it’s not always easy to know the “right” thing to do.

There is so much conflicting parenting advice today, leaving parents confused.

In this webinar, Dr Rosina begins with an:

  • Overview of today’s common parenting challenges and continues by
  • Busting the myth you should just ‘KNOW’ how to be a good parent. You’ll understand
  • How your guilt about parenting undermines your parenting. You’ll learn
  • Why self-care is key to being a good role model for your family, and you’ll be introduced to
  • Dr Rosina’s practical step-by-step approach to becoming your personal best as a parent.

The more you learn about effective parenting, the more confident you’ll be with the practical tools you need to help you raise your children in a calmer and more effective way. Relevant for: parents of children of all ages from toddler to teenager.