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Shared parenting: navigating the challenge of different approaches

While every parent wants the best for their children, parents may not always agree on the best way to parent. Some parents prefer to take a firmer or more authoritarian approach to raising their children, others may prefer a more gentle and collaborative parenting approach. These differences can result in conflict between parents and confuse children. 

If you’d like to know how to manage different approaches to parenting with your parenting partner then this webinar is for you. The discussion is relevant for parents of children aged toddler to teen. 

Dr Rosina, creator of the Win Win parenting program will explore: 

  • A range of different approaches to parenting and their impact on children. 
  • The challenges parent’s face when they're not on the same page. 
  • How to overcome conflict when there are different approaches to raising children. 
  • Strategies for successfully navigating shared parenting: with a win for parents and a win for kids.