Personal Best Parenting

Every parent wants to raise happy, healthy and well-balanced kids. BUT, it’s not always easy to know the “right” thing to do.

There is so much conflicting parenting advice today, leaving parents confused.

In this webinar, Dr Rosina begins with an:

  • Overview of today’s common parenting challenges and continues by
  • Busting the myth you should just ‘KNOW’ how to be a good parent. You’ll understand
  • How your guilt about parenting undermines your parenting. You’ll learn
  • Why self-care is key to being a good role model for your family, and you’ll be introduced to
  • Dr Rosina’s practical step-by-step approach to becoming your personal best as a parent.

The more you learn about effective parenting, the more confident you’ll be with the practical tools you need to help you raise your children in a calmer and more effective way. Relevant for: parents of children of all ages from toddler to teenager.

Bullyproofing your child

Are you worried about protecting your child against bullies? If you’ve experienced bullying as a child or an adult, then you know how frightening and life destroying it can be. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to protect your children from bullies so they never have to experience that horrible feeling of being picked on, laughed at, excluded or physically harmed. 

If your child is being bullied, would you know what to do? Would you like to learn how you can help your child learn the skills they need to be bully-proof? 

From the research we know that bullying can have detrimental physical and psychological effects on a child and can result in isolation, depression and even suicide. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. This webinar is all about providing you with practical ideas and solutions to bully-proof your child that can work for you and for your child. 

If your child is being bullied and you feel helpless or if you’d like to bully-proof your child then watch this  DTC/ Win Win Parenting webinar as parenting expert, Dr Rosina, helps you to learn: 
· What bullying is and what it isn’t. 
· The prevalence of bullying and its many harms. 
· Why your child might not tell you they’re being bullied or that they are a bully. 
· Practical approaches for parents to help their children overcome bullying. 
· Empowering your child with life skills so they become “bully-proof”.

Supporting Children after Major Events

Adults do all they can to protect children from harm. However, life can bring events that are out of our control like the destruction and devastation of a natural disaster or the loss of life though illness or violence. As a result, children may experience the hardship that significant events bring or witness horrors through the media, that they aren't mature enough to manage effectively on their own. 

Parents and care givers may feel unsure about how to help children who experience the hardship of a major event, however, with information and resources, they can play a major role in supporting children to recover and resume their life. 

This webinar supports parents and caregivers by exploring: 

  • What constitutes a major event for a child? 
  • Ways children might react after a major event. 
  • Deciding if a child needs professional care. 
  • What parents and care givers can do to assist the recovery process