Raising healthy kids: nurturing good eating, exercise and sleep habits

As parents we want our children to lead long and healthy lives – yet the science warns parents that if we don’t make changes now, we may outlive our children. Today kids are confronted with so many unhealthy choices and it’s leading to poor long-term health outcomes. However, with so much conflicting information and advice for parents it’s hard to know what to do. In this webinar, Dr Rosina McAlpine, creator of the Win Win Parenting program, shares the research and the recommended guidelines for raising happy and healthy children. You’ll learn: 
• Why your child’s lifetime physical wellbeing starts in childhood. 
• The basics of healthy eating and hydration. 
• Exercise: type and how much children should do to be healthy. 
• How many hours of sleep do children need? 
• How to support your children to develop a healthy lifestyle. 

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