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Your organisation wants you to succeed at home and at work so they have provided you with access to the Win Win Parenting 12-month webinar program. Each month you will:

  • receive practical tips on managing day-to-day parenting challenges (see topics below);
  • learn about the important research findings on parenting and child development;
  • develop your confidence and skills as a parent so you're more focused & productive at work.

Here is the complete list of webinars. By registering once below, the Win Win Parenting team will register you for all the webinars and you can choose which you attend live or listen to the replay. (Please use your work email address).

12-Month Webinar Program

January - Back to school: starting the year on the right foot.

February - Helping your child to develop healthy self-esteem and resilience.

March - Bullying-proofing your child

April - Technology and children: the good, the bad, and the unknown.

May - Thriving as a family during the pre-teen and teen years.

June - Raising healthy kids: nurturing good eating, exercise and sleep habits.

July - Taking care of yourself: a crucial step for good parenting.

August - Helping your children manage their emotions: developing emotional intelligence toddler to teen.

September - Understanding teenage brain – making sense of their emotions and behaviours.

October - Shared parenting: navigating the challenges of different approaches.

November - Overcoming sibling rivalry: from combat and competition to camaraderie.

December - Making the most of the school holidays.

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