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2024 Work and Family Support Program

Welcome to the 2024 Win Win Parenting Work and Family Support Program. Your employer wants you to succeed at work and at home so has arranged for you to have access to practical resources all year round to support family wellbeing and help you to better manage work and family life.

Please register for the program using your work email address by clicking on the REGISTER button above.

You will have access to live webinars and the Work and Family Resource Centre which contains a variety of resources including a video replay of each live webinar, parenting and child development articles, a downloadable summary handout as well as a podcast (audio version of the webinar) each month. After registering, you can access the Resource Centre anytime using the LOGIN button with your work email and the password you registered with.

Once registered you will automatically be registered for all webinars in the series. We will email you prior to each live webinar and you can choose to attend the live session or watch the replay in the Resource Centre. The list of the webinars is available in the Resource Centre under the Webinar Schedule.

It is wonderful to have you on the program

Dr Rosina McAlpine

Creator of the Win Win Parenting Program
Delivered in partnership with Telus Health

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