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Employee wellbeing programs for your working parents.

Resource your Working Parents to Navigate Work and Family Challenges.

Find out more about how your Organisation can help working parents. 

Some of the many organisations we have partnered with:

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Parents end their workday tired

The Mental Health of Employees with Children is Significantly Strained

With an unprecedented number of demands on working parents, workplace programs supporting employees to manage the stresses of work and family life are an essential investment for employee wellbeing, productivity and retention.

Cite benefits of worplace family wellbeing programs

Our Programs

Evidence-based practical parenting programs delivered flexibly throughout the year, with live interactive webinars, resources and replays to enable parents at work to reduce the stresses of managing work and family life 

33% of parents working with children under 18

Programs offered

12-month Work & Family  Support Program.

1-hour interactive webinar each month with Q&A plus on demand access to our Resource Centre (videos, podcasts, articles) for 12-months

6-month Family Wellbeing Program.

30-minute live webinar information sessions plus on demand access to our Resource Centre Resource Centre (videos, podcasts, articles) for 6-months

Benefits for the Organisation

  • Reduced employee stress and absenteeism

  • Family-friendly work-place culture

  • Less negative spill-over from home to work

  • Visible management support for working parents

  • Greater employee wellbeing in the workplace

  • Increased employee focus, satisfaction & productivity 

  • Regular reports on engagement

  • Cost-effective programs

Individual webinars 

Create a tailored program for your employees with families from our extensive range of over 36 topics

Significant Awareness Day webinars such as International Day of Familes and Day of Self-care

Specialised webinars for F.I.F.O. workers Emergency Responders, additional needs plus others

Benefits for Families

  • Reduced parental stress and burnout

  • Practical solutions for juggling work & family

  • Ongoing support for embedding wellbeing practices

  • Flexible, on-demand access to resources / solutions

  • Confident and effective parenting

  • Better child outcomes

  • More positive relationships at home

  • Practical support with daily parenting challenges

27% of parents cant disconnect from work

If you’d like more information about our programs, get in touch today.

How our programs work - simple as 1... 2... 3

Step 1: In consultation with our team, select the program that best suits your organisational needs and budget.  Step 2: We set up the program, prepare the communications and single registration link for your working parents. Step 3: Employees register for the program and we send the webinar reminders and notify participants when the replays, articles and podcasts are in the Resource Centre.
We provide regular reporting and updates on program engagement and feedback. ... EASY!

Choose a Program

Select from our wide range of programs suitable for all budgets. Our popular
6- and 12-month programs offer ongoing support for maximum engagement and benefits for organisations and families.

Inform your Employees

We provide all the communications at the start of the program. One easy and convenient registration provides employees with access to both the live and on-demand resources for the entire program.

Schedule in the dates

Regular monthly webinars are scheduled in advance allowing employees to choose to attend the live sessions or enjoy the replays and resources on-demand at a later date.


We provide regular reports on program engagement and feedback.  At the end of each program, a summary report and a NEW program are available to support working parents to continue their learning and success. 

Business Meeting

Program Feedback

Having my employer provide these webinars has shown me the support my employer is committed to giving me as an employee. The webinars have helped my family and me by giving me tools to communicate effectively with two teenage boys.


It has provided me with the head space, tools and refresher on things that I can do to be more productive and effective at home, which then makes my work life more manageable and less stressful.

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