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Empowering your child: from vulnerable baby to capable person

Human babies are among the most vulnerable living beings. Left alone, they die in a matter of hours or days at most. Babies depend on their carers for their physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing and how they experience their early years can have a significant impact on how they live their whole life.

When our son Cameron was born, I felt vulnerable and overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising another human being. What did I know about his nurturing his physical, psychological and emotional development? As a parent, thinking about how I might ‘wreck’ him was really scary.

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Are you screaming at the kids?

5 ways to help keep the peace

Are you sick of screaming at the kids? Here are some strategies to create more peace at home.

1. Calm starts with you…
Mum’s often feel guilty about taking time out for themselves, but if you’re tired and stressed then any little thing can set you off! So, now you can have guilt-free time to yourself and know you’re supporting peace for the whole family.

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Shaping your teens good eating habits and healthy attitude to food

Teens and body image

With all of the issues around body image and peer pressure to eat certain things, to look a certain way – it’s hard for teens to know what a healthy diet looks like and of course we want to help them develop great habits to hold them in good stead for life!

Many parents worry about how they’re going to save their teen/pre-teen from a lifelong struggle with being obsessed with their weight and instead learn to focus on health. As a parent you can make a huge different by creating good foundations for life-long health

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