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Did you know? Parenting is one of the most challenging roles in life, most often done without any education, training or experience.

Parenting challenges

It’s time we bust the myth that parents should just instinctively know how to raise happy, healthy and capable kids. There are few if any jobs in the world that require no education, training or experience, yet when raising our most precious children we are sent home from hospital and expected to navigate highs and lows of parenting on our own.

As a parent, we would never send our child to a school where the teachers aren’t qualified educators. We would never let a doctor without a medical degree treat our children yet, as parents we are expected to raise happy, healthy children without any education or training.  So it makes sense that many parents today are looking to learn more about parenting, because the more parents know about helping their children to eat well, sleep soundly and develop their mind and body, the more confident they feel.


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