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The modern-day quest for the elusive fairy good mother.

Article by Cosima Marriner for Sydney Morning Herald


Rosina McAlpine wrote Inspired Children: How the Leading Minds of Today Raise Their Kids, because she believes child-rearing is a skill that must be learned. ''We've got this perception that we're supposed to inherently know how to be a good mother, but it's time we 'fessed up - we've got no freakin' clue,'' Dr McAlpine says.

She defines a good mum as one who teaches her child to manage their emotions, develop healthy eating and exercise habits, build resilience, and believe in themselves.

''The best thing you can do right now is go on a parenting course rather than worry about what clothes your child is wearing,'' Dr McAlpine says. ''You're developing a child's brain, emotions, physicality. How about getting a bit of help?''


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